I can't count how many times I've started a post like that. IDK, I lack imagination.



I'm not doin' much.

Just chillin'.

I think I'll just link my LJ with my twitter (@rebmastu I'M SO ORIGINAL) because man, I can't post a coherent thought to save my life. I work better with blurbs.

Huh. Well. I guess that's it. Maybe I'll get spicy and use this as a practicing grounds for JP and SPA. I like alienating people. =D


Oh, Oh, Oh. I'm watching Animu this season, which I haven't done for a looong time. Symphogear and Inu Boku mainly, with some EVERYDAY LIVES OF HIGH SCHOOL BOYS lol thrown in, plus BOOOODACIOUS PIRATES which I swear to god had better not troll me because euuurgghhh people are like HEY THIS IS AWESOME AN ACTUAL SHOW THAT DOESN'T HAVE GIRLY FANSERVICE! And what does the third episode do? IT RIPS OUT THE CLINGING SPACESUITS. But only for the girls, of course. The only guy on board wears the general equivalent of a sack.


My feet are asleep

AHHHH wake up feet dammit. I need a new layout. I've hated SLH like forever and everrrrrr and hell I hate both of those two but w/e I'm typing now, leave me alone to my derpy derps.

AHHHH I have a test in la clase de español por la mañana y necessito estudio muuuuucho pero yo cansaaaada hoy y.... No se. I don't even think any of that was right. OH WELL I LANGUAGE AND ARE SMRT.


Strange typing that much in one go. Follow me on twitter if you still remember who I is, same name as always. In the meantime, I am brainded. Want the next ep of fate zero nao pls. WHEEL OF TIME I AM COMIN FER YA


Dude, WTF? I'm away from LJ for a while and suddenly there's spambots EVERYWHERE.

In other news, sup hoes, I are return'd.

I guess.

Uh Huuuuuuh

Man, new years suck. Can't we have like, idk, 30 hours in a day or something? 'Cause I sure as shite could use the extra time.

Speaking of which, I only ever seem to post around this time of year anyway. Huh. How 'bout that. Can't say I have a decent excuse for any of it, though. But since the more you write the better you tend to be at it, I guess I may as well start up again. (Right, like we haven't heard this story before.)

Anywho... There's this doujinshi site I found a while back that had this *killer* deal on a pack of 15 Cardcaptor Sakura doujinshi, so I sprung on that about a month ago. Still no sign of 'em. I'm bummed out about it. I'm almost positive they can be trusted, since I've ordered from them several times before, but the wait's still kind of making me antsy. I guess it doesn't help that it's a pack of fifteen books to start with, lawl. I should probably give it a bit longer before writing it off as being lost in the mail. Oh man, I hope it's not lost. I was REALLY looking forward to that.

Aaaaagggghhhh. Oh well, at least the twelve days of doujinshi went off without a hitch this year. >=3 In fact, we even had surplus! Still finishing up those two Slayers doujinshi ryals_shoal scanned in, as well as Magic Gunner, both (all three?) of which are tooootes awesooome.

This is a doujinshi post. The end. I am so not going into tl;dr territory like I always do, aaagggh

Also, Heartcatch Precure is ending in two episodes. This makes me weep harder than anyone can imagine. =(

I know your name! But maybe you've forgotten me.

Jeeze, I can never keep up posting here. It feels like I have, like, a miiiillion things to do all the time and sadly my LJ usually ends up neglected because of it. =( Poor bb. Here, have some luffs. *pets*

I could spend my evening just ranting about how much I don't like my job, but I guess I'll spare my FL the indignity, such as it, uh, were? Although I will say I'm getting pretty sick and tired of being minimum wage management for the past three years. I thought there was some sort of Michigan law about going a certain amount of time without a raise? Eh, I could be wrong. The constitution wouldn't look out for the little guy like that. =P

In the meantime, I've been looking at my options regarding this year's JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and I've come to the conclusion that I'd probably never have enough money to go to Chicago (the nearest testing center OTL) on my own, so I'm considering taking out a loan to cover the trip expenses. Maybe I'll make a weekend of it? Anything to get me out of town for a little while. But the other question is: which test should I take? I've never formally studied Japanese, so there'd probably be some elementary concepts I'd be completely clueless on, but I don't want to take JLPT 5 (the easiest level) either, since it kind of feels like I'd be wasting my time if I breezed my way through it.

In other news! I have, oh... Oh boy, I'm back up to four magazine subscriptions again, lawl. Of course there's the obligatory Asuka (which I'm considering dropping anyway, 'cause about all I read in that one is Barajou no kiss... but The Conductor is pretty sweet, too, and so is Yakumo, I'm discovering), Young King (Gotta get some seinen in my diet! Sekai no Mikata is buckets of fun.), Aria (Ehhh, I'll try it out for a little while. Its smut looks intriguing, at least), and who could forget Sylph? (Ohohoho. Somehow I'd convinced myself that it was, with the exception of Birdcage, disposable after SLH ended, but there is some REALLY cracked up stuff in there. I might post about it later, lawl)So... So... What the hell point was I trying to make here?


/I got nothin'.

I am a sheep. HA HA HA HA.

Your rainbow is intensely shaded indigo, white, and pink.


What is says about you: You are a grateful person. You appreciate cities, technology, and other great things people have created. Friends count on you for being honest and insightful. People depend on you to make them feel secure.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

Yeah, I got nothin'. I'd say I was updating for the sake of updating, but... lawl? Uh. This was a fun quiz. Yep.



*crosses fingers behind back*

In other news, I'm working on typesetting Mebius Gear. It's fucking amazing, and if you're not afraid of gore, tits, and sex, you'll love it.


Aaaaaand I hate Barajou. Fuck Barajou and its suddenly not-harem-ness. I'll take Slayers over this ANY DAY. Hell, I'll take Slayers over most things anyway.

Oh yeah, I mentioned something about a SUPER SEKRET SLAYERS PROJECT a little while ago that I never followed up on, didn't I? Uh... Well... Meh. It's nothing major and other people have been doing the same things for eons, but I'm working on translating LN 10. (Turtle Paradise = Turtle NOVELS, lawllawllawl) It's taking forever, but... Hopefully I'll get it done eventually. Derp derp.


And now I'm playing WoW on top of it. Hahahaha. LAMIER. LEVEL 23 WAR ON ELDER'THARAS. LOOK. ME. UP. BITCHES.


Who are you people and why am I being forced to make this pointless post?


And I am a lousy blog-keeper, and I am not making this post just to say I've posted in the last two months. OH WHO AM I KIDDING YES I AM.


Also, I has a special project in the works but I'm not telling anyone what it is, neener neener neener. (Only Slayers fans would care anyways, AND THAT'S SO TOTALLY QUESTIONABLE TO BEGIN WITH.)
Birdcage | Kizuna >> Stop the presses!

Derp, derp, shameless plug.

Oh hai, I totally forgot to mention this in my other completely random post the other day (nyerk, nyerk), but I've jumped the Twitter bandwagon and am loving every minute of it. If you guys are interested, follow me @rebmastu. xD (I'll friend baaack~)

Also, firefox junkies, grab Echofon. That add-on is... AMAZING. I couldn't follow twitter worth a damn until I got the hook-up. (Thanks to my BFF passiontentacle, derp derp.)

Er, I kind of talk about nothing but what I happen to be working on. A lot. Lawl.

Just hanging out.

So I'm hanging around on LJ today while I should be translating some random this-or-that, but hey, such is the spirit of procrastination. Haven't argued against it yet, don't exactly plan to in the future.

Well, scanlating business is going slow. ("Here it comes," I hear moans from the audience. ILU2, BBs.) My staff's randomly disappearing on me, but meh, I think I've gotten used to it. On that note, I've figured out the average lifespan for an editor or typesetter is about two months, give or take... a week. Seriously. On the plus side, they tend to stick around later, which is pretty cool. The chat box is hopping as always, which kind of makes me wonder if we should take a step into the world of IRC. It's the next logical move, right? If we did that... Hell, we might actually get "On the map," so to speak. Seems like all the popular kids are doing it nowadays, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Ohayo-con's in one week... And I can't bring myself to get pumped up about it. Part of me just thinks it's not going to work out, that we don't have enough money to do it, yadda, yadda, yadda. Boy, it sure would help if my taxes made it in on time. I think the earliest I'd get my money back is probably that weekend, though. Ehhh... Well, that still might help, but I probably shouldn't get my hopes up for it. I am, however, looking forward to sharing a room with a bunch of semi-strangers at the Hyatt. Bitch, yes. Here's hoping they give us that roll-away bed I requested. And lots of fucking pillows. That would be completely bitching. (Bitching, bitching, bitching. Echo effect.) Well, here's hoping that sales post gets some more hits. Doubt it.

In the meantime, I'm taking another stab at ye ol' weight watchers diet. I seem to be doing well enough, if the way my pants fit is any indication, though I never really thought eating more would make me lose weight. I guess it's one of those, "Don't starve yourself; you'll only retain everything you eat!" kind of deals. Hey, the fiber agrees with me, so I'm not complaining! TMI TMI TMI TMI

Long post is too long. Adios, amigos. See you in a few days, weeks, or whenever I decide to post again. I may not comment to your entries all the time, but I read every single one of 'em, promise.

Friends-lock is for quitters! Or maybe I'm just lazy. And don't care.

I need to post more. D=

So, NEW YEARS RESOLUTION PART 2, post at least once a week? SO FAR, PHAILURE. Wait, that was last year. It'll be different this year, right? ...Probably not, but hey, it'll look better if I start the year off right.

I figure if I don't make any REAL resolutions this year I won't feel bad for inevitably breaking them. >=D


So I've been busy with that whole scanlating thing (and if you guys aren't reading The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor, you totally should be) and haven't had any time to post. I'm sure you all knew that, RIGHT? Yeah. Oh man. Seriously nothing to write.

I watched a new anime last night, Sora no oto. It was a KON rip-off. Oh well, at least I got half an hour of enjoy... well, diversion out of it, so it wasn't a total loss.

On that note, I've been getting out of anime lately (the most recent one I watched was Tora Dora, and that was, hell, last summer!) and into manga; more specifically HORROR. >=D I'm reading one called BioMeat Nectar, and it's pretty much fabulous. Tentacled monsters and everything. Oh, and I've been turned into a raving Berserk fangirl by one of my fellow staffers on TP's forum, and... Jeeze, I went out and bought, like 17 volumes of it. Sure, it helps that most of them were from a killer ebay auction, and the others were from MY FAVORITE BOOKSTORE EVER that's closing this month (=,( I'VE NEVER BEEN SO SAD TO GET A GOOD BARGAIN), but let's not go into semantics! Either way, it's fabulous, amazing, etc, and I highly suggest it.

....Wait, that's all I've got to say. HI GUYS, I STILL LOVE YOU! Even if I don't comment all the time, I still read all of your posts. >=D