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09.22.09 - orz
Slayers/Aqua Lad | S+L >> Why you~
Kinda hard to save up to move out when your parents want to use your entire income for bills, huh? "But yours is all disposable~!" So don't use that as an excuse to go out and impulse shop when you're going to use my cash to make up the difference, jerks. (And I've got my own bills to pay, too!) To make matters worse, they cut my hours at work... Granted, it's nice to FINALLY have a day off, but now I'm kind of missing that extra $50 a week, y'know? /sigh

In other news, I started playing Wild Arms 5 (UNDUB~ HELL YEAH MIZUKI NANA!) the other day (FINALLY, right? lawl), and it's pretty addicting, especially the alternate outfits, awright! Having trouble getting attached to any of the characters though, with the exception of Rebecca - she's moe-moe and I hearts her muchly. Oh, and I want to cock-punch Dean pretty hard. That's about it.

Just a few more chapters until we finally say goodbye to Aqua Lad... Oh, Ohtsuka, what happened to you? ;_; You did give me a pretty spectacular icon, buuuuut that's neither here nor there.


Some Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist, that's what. Hell yeah, bitches, this shit is tasty.

BTW GUYS, I'll be better about commenting more in the future, I swears it. I'm just supar busy!
09.14.09 - Bleeeeh.
SD+ | Haine >> Bleeeeeh.
(Titles are unnecessary! You'll notice that all I use are grunts and groans anywho.)

I don't know if the emotional high from releasing so much fucking Slayers (FALCEEEEES) did it, or my allergies/sinuses are kicking into overdrive or what, but man, you guys, I feel like somebody shoved my head down a toilet, flushed about three times, and shoved a log of- er, a wad of sopping wet toilet paper into one of my nostrils. (Not that I'd know what that felt like, laaaaawl.)

Uuuuughhh... I kinda hope it is a cold, since that'll be gone in, what, a week as long as I pound the echinacea. HELL YEAH, ECHINACEA AND ORANGE JUIIIIIIICE! Speaking of which, Rob (who I'm still pissed off at - he gave me the sickest-looking bruise EVER in that last altercation) gave Melly and me a six-pack of orange juice yesterday which was cool, and then I saw that it was like a month expired. HE'S TRYING TO KILL US, YOU GUYS AAAAAAHHHHHH

Anyway, I feel so dizzy right now, I don't know if I'll be able to concentrate on translating for a while... Whoo.... God, I hope we get the next chapter of Bara-ho out on time. Those fangirls are fucking scary when it comes to that stuff.

Woah, come to think of it, I've been posting regular entries quite a bit lately. Pretty cool. HAY GUYS I LIKE VENTING TO YOU PLZ LET ME DO IT SOME MORE D=

Edit: OH OH, I THOUGHT UP ANOTHER GOOD ANALOGY! It feels like someone shoved a CHEESE GRATER down my throat, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm whining~
Hay guys, I'm making a post on 9/11 without talking about 9/11 because everybody ELSE is talking about 9/11, although all I remember is that I was in Pottery class when it happened (on my way to underwater basket weaving, laaaawl) and saying, "LOL THAT IS SO SHOOPED."

But it wasn't, and then I felt bad. But only a little.


In other news, I just did a MASSIVE amazon order, woop woop, WOOP. Here, have some summaries and tell me what you guys think!

Title: Vampir
The story of a guy who is killed when a suicidal girl jumps off the side of a building and onto his head. He wakes up later in a hospital after being seemingly revived, but with blond hair and red eyes - oh, and he can talk to ghosts. He later runs into a girl named Hokuto who tells him he's now a half-dead resident of both the world of the living, and of the dead...

I haven't read the entire first volume yet, but from what I gather it's very much a psychological thriller, exploring the darker side of people. (Spoiler! The girl who commits suicide at the beginning of the story does so because her dad's a bit of a pedophile and... Well, mommy promised it would all stop once she turned 18 - Mommy LIED.) It's pretty interesting, and the art's nice enough, but it feels a bit more shoujo-y in execution than a seinin as it's labeled.

Title: Rakia
After a little girl, Luna, and her family move from Japan to be with her father working in America at Area 51 (UH OH, WARNING BELLS), they take a trip to Las Vegas on vacation when they find a ragged old man staggering along the side of the road with wings carved into his arms. Feeling sorry for the ol' hobo, they offer to give him a ride when he refuses, saying he doesn't have the right to live. They call an ambulance regardless and are back on the road shortly (after Luna gives him her HERO SAMMICH WHICH IS ABOUT AS BIG AS SHE IS TALL) when they pull over because Luna has to go potty. Awww. After an altercation with her brother, Luna screams from the side of the road, telling him to "Go die, you filthy pervert!" when AN 18-WHEEL LUMBER TRUCK IMMEDIATELY SMASHES INTO THEIR CAR VAPORIZING EVERYONE INSIDE before it finally flips over, with one log of wood still attached, forming the shape of a cross of holy carnage in the middle of the road, pointing straight up at the sky and protecting Luna from harm. And THEN it gets weird.

Saying anything from there would be a strange, strange spoiler in and of itself, but I will say the art is absolutely gorgeous, in a hyper realistic kind of way. The story has a strange fanatical Christian-turned-Occult flavor to it, and Luna finds herself thrown into all sorts of odd situations because, well, she has the power of God. Or something like that. It's creepy as hell, and personally, I'm not a big fan of saintly characters like her, but the carnage and BRUTAL usage of irony kind of makes up for it. Yeah, I'm a sick bastard. Gotta problem with that!?

Title: Mebius Gear

From the creative mind of Toshiki Inoue and penned by Koshi Rikudo (OH BOY, MORE WARNING BELLS) comes... Well, geeze, I'm not even sure how to describe this one, so I won't even try. All I know is that there's a bunch of robots running around masquerading as humans and taking huge ass bites out of other peoples faces - by which I mean shoving cookie cutters into their heads and basically punching out their FACES (link not for the faint of heart, lawl). There are some wacky concepts involved - a lady with an army of killer robots who sleeps with a guy and then kills 'em, a schoolgirl with a killer robot who kills OTHER robots, creepy boy bands with even creepier stalkers... Basically, take the most perverted scenarios you can think of, and this title will surpass them all. Examples include one of said creepy boy band's creepy fangirls... Uh, pulling a towel out of an unmentionable orifice and offering it to one of them for use after a concert. (Said member is understandably HORRIFIED.) Well, she subsequently cuts off part of his head and stores it in formaldehyde, if that says anything.

Title: 70 Billion Needles
Takabe Hikaru would appreciate it if you'd stopped talking to her and left her alone, please and thank you. That's why she wears those absurdly huge headphones all the time - she's drowning you out, man, just accept it and walk away. ... At least, she'd prefer it that way, but all that kind of changes when an extraterrestrial visitor (made of PLASMA!) crashes into the sea right in front of her on a school trip and, uh, kind of vaporizes her. Oops. In order to revive our heroine, the intrepid alien is forced to join itself with (er) her remains, permanently entering Hikaru's subconscious, and she'll be the first to tell you that this guy does. not. shut. UP. So much for cranking up the volume... The reason he's here? To kill OTHER aliens invading Earth before they wipe out the human race - and to do that, they have to join with a human host, too. Who needs friends when you've got an ethereal voice speaking directly into your head 24/7?

So far, this is my favorite of all the new titles. The main character is cranky as hell (but not to the point of being a bitch), and she even begins to warm up to new people as the story progresses. If you're familiar with it, the premise is kind of like Parasyte, only if the alien leaves the hosts body, the HOST will die, not the other way around. Now we just have to see if he decides to annihilate the human race himself...

Title: Lost Universe

And, well, that's about it. How sad is it that I wanted to post this before midnight so I didn't have to re-write my tag line? Ahhh, the things I'll do for... Well, nothing, really. I need to start doing more TsuBun summaries/translations, aaaaaaah.
The most recent post over at the Slayers community totally reminded me I hadn't posted this anywhere yet... Woops.

Anywho, for those interested, a full translation of Slayers - Lina and the Magic Chimera Swordsman ch. 1.

Read more...Collapse )

Un-proofed or beta'd, so I'm not sure how well it reads, but hey. Feel free to comment with corrections 'n stuff, if you'd like.

Oh! On an unrelated note, if any of my FListers follow, say, Barajou or Evangelion Datenroku, keep an eye on spoiler_tag. (AWESOME NAME, RIGHT?) I'll be posting spoiler summaries/partial translations of those and a few other series (Like Gurren Lagann: Spiral Boy, or whatever it is, and Da Capo: Girl's Symphony), so... I dunno, friend it preemptively? XD
So... NOT MUCH GOIN' ON HERE, NOPE, NOT REALLY. I'm at work right now, and the weather has me in a foul mood, not made any better by the incessant chattering by my fellow coworkers. Man! Is it too much to ask for some peace and quiet? I'M GOING INSANE HERE, GUYS. FOR SERIOUS.

Other than that, not too much new on the home-front. Mom, Rob and the kids went away for the week, but psht, what do I care? I'm working most of the time anyway, so it didn't make too much of a difference to me. D= Pity, I was so looking forward to it, too... Gah.

In the meantime, I've been doing my translating thang, have a few chapters of WHATEVER on my computer that need to be uploaded... Namely, I've been re-translating Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku, since my earlier translations are so terribly inaccurate it's embarrassing - but seriously, how many times have I harped on that point? TOO MANY TO COUNT, THAT'S WHAT! Also trying to browse a few new series for TP to pick up once Aqualad is finished (which will be extremely soon) - I've got my eye on a series called Vampir, but the name is a bit of a misnomer, since it has, uh, no vampires. (What?). Seems to be a psychological thriller of some kind which would be a welcome change for once, since I'm getting SICK and tired of Shoujo and the, uh, mentally impaired/"gimme gimme" readers it tends to attract. But hey, not all of 'em are stupid. Just the ones who come from Mangafox. But for the time being, I ordered an issue of Afternoon, a seinin mag, to peruse some of the more dude-oriented titles. 'Cause they're easy.

And aside from that... THERE IS NOTHING TO REPORT.

It's a super nice day out today, and my first day off in three weeks thanks to Melly covering for me! I feel kind of bad about that, though... It's a drag spending a day without Melly, not to mention that place sucks. =( Booooo.

So now that I have a stress-free day off (or at least I would, if my boss didn't live with me and enjoy bringing it up every time I saw him. Working with family sucks like that.), what am I doing? Sitting by the pool, translating manga about HOOKERS! And nude modeling. BUT THE HOOKERS PART SOUNDS MORE INTERESTING! I can't go swimming though, since my swimsuit seems to have gone missing after last summer, no clue why. Bah. OH WAIT, THAT PARAGRAPH TOTALLY INSINUATED I'M NUDE MODELING, AHAHAHAHA. H-Hey, guys? Y-you have pretty sensitive gag reflexes, don't you... Stop thaaaaaat.

I keep trying to spell swim as "suim". I've been translating so much lately that I've been confusing pronunciations between languages, which is kind of geeky and lame and I feel bad about it. Blah. Anyway, we're probably going to move Turtle Paradise to its own domain soon, which is AWESOME. But I can't go into detail about what that'll entail, 'cause that would get way too many peoples hopes up for something I may or may not do... Heh. I'm being MYSTERIOUS, isn't that geeky!

And now this post is getting way too long, so I'll stop. But hopefully the first chapter of SLH, Shouoto-sensei's manga she did BEFORE Barajou will be out pretty soon! x3 Soooo text heavy.... Phew.

06.28.09 - SPOILER

Barajou | Anise >> Oh yeah? Well screw y
(The icon doesn't necessarily reflect my mood - IT'S JUST SO DAMN CUTE AND I NEVER GET MAD AT ANYBODY, BUT I REALLY, REALLY WANTED TO USE IT D=)

None of my fine friendslisters seem too active lately! This is disheartening! But have no PHEAR, for I am active on the blog-o-sphere!



So yeah, today Rob(stepdad)'s sister has a renewal of vows with her husband of a handful of years because she's a massive hypochondriac and is convinced she's going to die this year. This is the same psychopath who, after Mom mentioned her history of cancer (BRAAAAAINS), tried to one-her-up by outlining her medical history and all the paaaaainful procedures she's had to gone through because of her HISTORY OF HERNIAS. She's an attention-whore and drama llama, and I don't like her, so I don't think I'm gonna go. T_T I suck with weddings and big formal events like that, anyway.


......Now that I think about it, what the hell was I trying to accomplish with those sound effects up there, anyway!? Oh yeah, "My Boss, My Hero".... That's a really weird drama. The protagonist's "friend" creeps me right the hell out, but maybe it's just his actor.

Oh, and I changed my title text for the layout, 'cause random, nonsensical Japanese text just doesn't do it for me after all. NOW SIT YOUR ASSES DOWN OR IS MY HOSPITALITY NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!?
At Kyo's suggestion A MILLION FRIGGIN YEARS AGO, LAWL, I have changed my layout to a more AWESOME one featuring SLH - Stray Love Hearts! Yes, another one of Shouoto's works... God. We're such whores. Or maybe I'm the only whore. Huh.

I laughed so haaard when I made up that title, GOD. Mostly because it rhymes and I'm a cheesy bastard like that. (Kioku no Merodi, karappo no mune ni, SIT DOWN AND DRINK YOUR GODDAMN TEA~ I smell a WINNER!) Gotta keep the "Sit down and drink your goddamn tea!" bit. NO ONE REPLACES CID IN MY HEART, EVER EVER EVER EVER~

Aaaaand that's about it. AND NOW, I have to finish editing the script for SLH (which is almost done YAAAY), and then I gotta get to work on chapter 6 of Barajou. Gotta get it out by the 21! WISH US LUCK GUYS
Melly downloaded GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) the other day, so we've been watching that like mad... AND GOOD LORD IS IT AMAZING. XD It's so ooooold, but the acting's pretty good, surprisingly enough. Oh, who am I kidding? THE OLDER IT IS, THE BETTER THE ACTING! .....Probably. Anyway, the actor playing Onizuka is mad hot. I recommend it! (I don't think I'd ever be this into Dramas if it wasn't for ceruleanghost's drama pimping. For realz.) Watching another newer drama this series called "Atashi'nchi no Danshi," which is... significantly less compelling. I'm just watching it 'cause I like the (dead) father figure. Pretty twisted stuff right there.


Uh... Not really. Getting royally sick of Slayers again, but I'm considering just driving TP to finish AquaLord in one huge swoop just to get it off our plates. God, I hate Aqua Lord. YEAH, I SAID IT. TOMMY OHTSUKA COULDN'T WRITE A COMPELLING STORY IF IT KILLED 'EM. Falces is soooo badass, but a pain in the ass to translate. ;_; SO MUCH TEXT, GOD. Barajou's coming along, I guess... Slowly? We'll probably put out the first chapter of SLH before we release chapter six, though. Anyway, WHAT AM I USING MY PERSONAL JOURNAL TO TALK ABOUT WITH THIS CRAP, GOD!? I gotta figure out a better way to organize the staff members... Kinda losing track of what everyone's doing. xP

AND IN OTHER NEWS, MUST BUY A PAID ACCOUNT NEXT WEEK. I miss my icons. Boy, I sure did collect a lot of 'em. xD
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